I am in love with…China Miéville

17 July, 2009

chinamieville thecityandthecity

Described as ‘tall, muscular and brooding’ and ‘fiercely intelligent’, China Miéville certainly cuts a striking figure. He doesn’t look like a writer, but then what does a writer look like? He looks like a fighter, an angry revolutionary at a political demo. But when he speaks his voice is soft and cultured and his words betray his educational background. Miéville studied Social Anthropology at Cambridge and holds a PhD in International Relations from the LSE. And he is as passionate and serious about Marxism as he is about sf and weird, fantastic fiction. How cool is that? And did I mention how handsome he is?

Anyhoo, I got myself a signed copy of his new book ‘The City & The City’ and I am looking forward to reading it.

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