J.W. Waterhouse – the Modern Pre-Raphaelite

25 August, 2009

A Mermaid by J.W. Waterhouse St Eulalia

I nipped into the Royal Academy in Burlington House at lunch time to get my quick fix of J.W. Waterhouse. They have on a retrospective with quite a large number of his paintings brought together from all over the world. Of course included were my favourites The Lady of Shallot, A Mermaid and St. Eulalia (see above). Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

I’ve always felt that there is a melancholic air pervading most of Waterhouse’s paintings. His use of muted, dusky colours coupled with flashes of peacock blue, pink and white pulls you into the cold, dark, snow-filled and windswept landscapes in which his paintings are often set. Although Waterhouse appeared many years after the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood was established, his romantic subject matter and natural settings place him firmly within their aesthetic.

I left the exhibition, walking through the courtyard of Burlington House and peering into the windows of the Royal Astronomical Society to try and catch a glimpse of their gorgeous library, feeling uplifted especially since I bagged myself an exhibition catalogue, some postcards and a fridge magnet. Well, what was I supposed to do? Come away empty handed?

2 Responses to “J.W. Waterhouse – the Modern Pre-Raphaelite”

  1. miss piggy at large in Tokyo Says:

    New blog, omedetou!

    I haven’t been reading for such a long time that I really miss it. (I think the last book I read was “What to Eat” by Marion Nestle….and that was last year!)

    “A Mermaid” is so natsukashii!! Remember I used to have a poster of that in my room(when we lived together!). Also the lady of Shallot and Ophelia.

    btw, do you have a function in your blog that can display “Recent comments”? Perhaps you can consider enabling it because it’s interesting to see what comments other visitors have made.

    • chasingbawa Says:


      I’ve put the recent comments up as you suggested. Thanks for reading. I always enjoying reading your food blog. Keep it up. If I have any questions regarding blogging, I’ll come to you!

      You’ve been busy with your studies so no surprise regarding your reading. But you used to read a good eclectic mix of books. I still have all of your manga (I’ll be posting about manga later) and also Agota Kristof’s ‘The Notebook; The Proof; The Third Lie’ which really blew my mind.

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