I am in love with… David Mitchell

7 September, 2009

David Mitchell

Jacket Copy has an interesting piece about a conference dedicated to David Mitchell. And it’s ALL about David Mitchell. How amazing is that? Mitchell has published four books in the last ten years and he gets two whole days of academics discussing, dissecting and obsessing over his work. Incredible.

I have yet to read Black Swan Green, but I enjoyed Cloud Atlas sooooo much that I’m saving his latest book for a particularly rainy and depressing day. David Mitchell is really in a class of his own. Cloud Atlas really should have won the Booker Prize in 2004. Donna Tartt will always be my number one, but David Mitchell is a very close second. If you haven’t read any of his work, go beg, borrow or steal, because his writing is sublime.

Ghostwritten (1999)
Number9dream (2001)
Cloud Atlas (2004)
Black Swan Green (2006)

4 Responses to “I am in love with… David Mitchell”

  1. Tony Says:

    Although I have read (and loved) all of his books, I am not happy with David Mitchell as he is taking far too long to produce his latest novel; just get the bloody thing written!!!

    • chasingbawa Says:

      I know! But I think we can expect something really meaty and spectacular from him. I hear it’s a historical novel set during the period when Japan was opening up to the West.

  2. Richard Says:

    If you like Donna Tartt, you could try The Suicide Club

  3. chasing bawa Says:

    I’ll check it out, thanks! I’m assuming that’s the one by Rhys Thomas.

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