The Big Green Bookshop Competition

9 September, 2009

Scott Pack over at Me and My Big Mouth (I say it again but it is a brilliant and funny blog) has a post about the Big Green Bookshop competition in which you need to list five of your all-time favourite books. That’s a treat already, right? But, you are also in with a chance to win twenty (I repeat, twenty) titles of your choice from their top 50 titles!

So what are you waiting for? Go visit them and announce your list!

I, of course, will be spending the next few days facing a dark corner trying to whittle down my favourite books to just five.

2 Responses to “The Big Green Bookshop Competition”

  1. Simon T Says:

    thanks for mentioning this, I went and gave my top 5, will post about it soon – exciting!

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