Galle Literary Festival 2010: Update

21 September, 2009

GLF 2010

New information’s up on the Galle Literary Festival 2010 website including names of some confirmed participants. Michelle de Kretser, Michael Frayn and Wendy Cope will be there! I’m so excited!

2 Responses to “Galle Literary Festival 2010: Update”

  1. Tony Says:

    Oops! Did you notice what the first randomly generated link under your post says?! That’s the problem with allowing the machine to mess with your blog!

    • chasingbawa Says:

      Thanks Tony. Got me worried for a second! I’ve actually read this article and it’s more an attack on the journalists who would rather focus on Sri Lankan culture being overtaken by the west than by celebrating literature itself. Considering it’s an opportunity to meet and listen to international authors and also a venue for Sri Lankan authors to promote themselves in an international setting, I think these journalists are missing the point. It’s a pretty good article.

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