Hello Japan! Challenge

29 October, 2009

Hello Japan! Challenge

I had initially decided that doing Nanowrimo and the Japanese Literary Challenge 3 was enough to keep me busy for November so when I read about the Hello Japan! Challenge hosted by Tanabata at In Spring it is the Dawn I sent her a message wishing her luck but abstaining from participating. Well pooh to that because at the last minute I decided I’d join in as 1) I’d read Grotesque by Natsuo Kirino for the RIP IV and Japanese Literary Challenges and as Tanabata so cleverly stated on her post, this could count for the Hello Japan! Challenge too and 2) who am I kidding, I can’t really resist a Japanesey challenge. I may not be able to participate in the Japanese literature book group (I’m thinking of I am a Cat here, although I have it in my TBR pile), but I’ll try and join in in everything else.

So here’s looking to a very Japanese year!

5 Responses to “Hello Japan! Challenge”

  1. Terri B. Says:

    I doing the “I Am a Cat” read-along and was surprised at how quickly I read through Volume One. Each chapter is kind of like reading a short story. It is so charming and funny! On the other hand, my read for the Hello Japan October meme is not going so quickly. I’m reading the short stories in “Tales of Moonlight and Rain” (also reading for JLC3) and keep getting slowed down by the extensive footnotes. So far I’ve only read 2 of the 9 stories. The stories themselves are good, but those pesky footnotes keep distracting me!

    • chasing bawa Says:

      Footnotes, you don’t want to read them but you just can’t help it! I’m exactly the same. ‘I am the Cat’ is such a famous book I’m almost scared to start reading it. I think I’ll save it until next year’s challenges. But it’s nice to hear that it’s easy and enjoyable to read. Something for me to look forward to!

  2. Mel u Says:

    I really want to read “I Am a Cat” with the group (I wanted to read it as soon as I heard the title)-so far I am having a hard time locating a copy of it in Manila area but I still have some time.

  3. tanabata Says:

    I’m glad you’ll try to join in when you can. And you can always catch up with us for I Am a Cat as the slow pace will take us to January. 🙂

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