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3 December, 2009

Claire from Paperback Reader has posted on an interesting topic: will blog for comments which I think a lot of bloggers have thought about at some point. I must admit that when I see the number of people who are reading my blog, I can’t help but get a little thrill. I started this just for myself and didn’t really expect people to read it. I didn’t tell my family or friends about it until about two months after I started blogging. I’m pretty shy so although I’ve been reading many book and food blogs, I tend to lurk rather than comment. But sometimes, I find I can’t help myself from commenting because they are talking about books I love or am interested in or food that I can’t help but want to eat. And it’s such a nice feeling when people begin to comment on my posts.

But for me, I have to keep reminding myself that I blog because I want to talk about the books I read and love (and sometimes get a bit annoyed with – I’m still struggling to deal with writing a negative review). I’m not a professional reviewer, but I read a lot and I buy books that I want to read so I feel I’m entitled to an opinion as a reader. And when I write my reviews, I really think about what I’m writing. There’s nothing flippant about my reviews, even though some of my posts may be humorous, although I suspect I may be the only one laughing…

But Claire has a valid point because, even though I write for myself, when I know that other people are reading my posts and wanting to interact with me, it makes me happy. And then you want to write more posts, even better posts that are entertaining and that will impart interesting information to others.

Everyone has their own reasons for blogging and I think it’s fine. It’s cool that they feel passionately enough about blogging that they will spend an hour or so trying to perfect their posts two or three nights a week instead of just spending that time sitting in front of the telly doing nothing. I just feel that occasionally it’s nice to remind yourself why you blog.

8 Responses to “Blogging posts and comments”

  1. Care Says:

    Hello! First, I love the clean look of your blog. Second, I’m here to thank you and welcome you to the Women Unbound Challenge and I realize I’m not on that post but whatever… Your bio and this post title spurred me to just say hello here! I’m reading the most interesting book and you background in history of science made me think you might know it or enjoy it: Proust was a Neuroscientist by Jonah Lehrer? Anyway, I’m off to go find your post on the challenge now…

    • chasing bawa Says:

      Hi! I haven’t read Proust was a Neuroscientist, but it sounds like an interesting book, especially since it is only recently that the sciences and arts have split into two discrete spheres of learning. I think in the late 19th and early 20th century there was more communication and interaction between the two worlds: artists, writers and philosophers were interested in and read up on science and vice versa.

  2. Thanks for responding to my post with one of your own. I think it is interesting to reflect upon, discuss and remind ourselves why we blog. The instant gratification of comments is lovely but it is also great just to know that people are reading our thoughts about books. There is a reciprocal pressure though, which has been apparent to me over the last couple of weeks as I have been busier/away from home/ill as I have struggled to catch up with other people’s posts (as well as write my own) let alone commenting on them.

    • chasing bawa Says:

      I think it’s really nice to get comments from readers, and also to comment on posts that interest you. But I think it’s also important not to feel pressurised! You can’t predict how each day or week will turn out, so I think it’s ok to take a break away from blogging once in a while without feeling bad, especially since we are approaching the busy holiday season.

  3. Care Says:

    hi again – I notice that your name on the comments doesn’t link back to your blog. I can help with that (it’s a KNOWN wordpress issue) Just go to your Profile and look for a box for your url. It’s likely empty. Add your blog address and then whenever you leave comments at another WP blog, then people can click on your comment to find your blog. (leave a comment at mine and we can test it!)

  4. softdrink Says:

    I have no problem with flippancy. 😀 Is that even a word? Some days I think I want to get all serious and write long, in depth posts about what I thought about a book…then I remember that isn’t really my style and I end up dashing something off.

    But yeah, I do know what you mean. My blog was started as a way to remember what I read (and that’s still it’s primary purpose). But the community is so wonderful, it’s easy to get caught up in everything else.

  5. Care Says:

    yea! it works.

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