I’m not here today 2

30 April, 2010

You can find me Fridgin’ Out at one of my favourite food blogs Umamimart discussing the contents of my fridge.

In the mean-time, I’m getting stuck into The Dark Volume by G.W. Dahlquist, the sequel to his earlier novel The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters which debuted with a splash a few years back. Exciting stuff!

And in the book world, the lovely China Miéville has won the Arthur C. Clarke Award for the third time with his crime noir The City and The City. Plus he’s just published his latest novel Kraken. Can the guy do no wrong? You can read about it here .

11 Responses to “I’m not here today 2”

  1. Fëanor Says:

    Instant foodiness! Very cool. Apropos which, may I point you to this, my food-in-fiction/film/etc. compilation?

  2. Mystica Says:

    I’ve heard lots of good things about the China guy. The name fascinated me as well!!!! I know I also get fascinated by the covers of the books. Thank you for highlighting this.

  3. Nymeth Says:

    The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters has been on my wishlist for ages!

    And seriously, how awesome does Kraken sound? It really seems that he can do no wrong.

  4. Kristen M. Says:

    I’ll be interested to hear what you think about The Dark Volume. I read The Glass Books a few years ago and thought it was too over the top but almost want to give The Dark Volume a chance …

  5. gnoegnoe Says:

    I loved the fridge pic; might steal the idea sometime 😛 Poured my heart out in the comments as well LOL 😉

  6. chasing bawa Says:

    Mystica: The name fascinated me too. You can’t help wondering where he is from. I went to see him give a talk and he was so interesting (and very nice.)

    Nymeth: Ditto. Have you read any of his stuff before?

    Kristen M: Yes, it’s totally over the top and I guess you need to be in a certain frame of mind to enjoy it (which I did.) To me, it seemed very playful, which I liked. And I’m fascinated with Cardinal Change. Does that make me weird?

    gnoegnoe: Thought you would like that post!

    • Nymeth Says:

      Only King Rat and Un Lun Dun, both of which I really enjoyed. I plan to read everything else he’s written, though – possibly starting with Kraken, as it really sounds too good to resist.

      • chasing bawa Says:

        I read your post on Un Lun Dun and really wanted to read it. It reminded me a little of Gaiman’s Neverwhere which I loved. I live in London so anything about London interests me, especially walking around and discovering place names with history.

  7. gaskella Says:

    I loved the Glass Books … and have the Dark Volume but not read it yet – so I’ll be interested to see your thoughts.

    Must get round to China Mieville too!

    • chasing bawa Says:

      I’m enjoying it so far, but am juggling reading it with some Persephones so am a little slow. There have been mixed reviews about the Glass Books so I’m glad you enjoyed it too!

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