I’m not here today 4

1 June, 2010

coz I’m Slightly Peckish again! Check me out at mouthwatering Umamimart!

London is once again dull, grey and horrible. What is going on?

As if to make things better, the wonderful Persephone Books is offering a free Persephone Classics (slightly shop-soiled but it’s what’s inside that counts) with every grey Persephone book purchased (offer applies to one book only).

From Persphone Books’ newsletter:

On another subject: you may not realise but a huge proportion of books are returned by bookshops and then pulped because the cost of having them sent back to the publisher and cleaned up is far greater than printing new copies.

We could not go along with this because it so environmentally unfriendly, and asked for a thousand unsold Classics to be returned to Lamb’s Conduit Street. This cost £500! Which makes the point that it is almost as cheap simply to throw away and reprint.

Sadly, most of the Classics are very slightly damaged: they either have a small mark or the remains of a bookshop sticker.

Since we cannot sell these either to our mail order customers or in the shop we have decided to give them away. So — if you order one grey book at the normal price we will send you a free Classic. PLEASE DO NOT PAY FOR IT. Simply pay for your grey book as normal and write in the Additional Information box – free Miss Pettigrew Classic please, or something similar. (Nb. overseas books will be sent surface mail. And the offer only applies to one book.)

Very tempting…

5 Responses to “I’m not here today 4”

  1. Iris Says:

    Very tempting indeed. Oh, it’s so hard to try and not buy books..

  2. winstonsdad Says:

    yes persephone is doing a great offer ,all the best stu

  3. Nymeth Says:

    TOO tempting! Consequences by E.M. Delafield is already in my cart…trying to be good and not go through with it but don’t think that will work.

  4. chasing bawa Says:

    winstonsdad: Are you tempted?

    Nymeth: Ha ha. That’s what I do in bookshops. I carry around the books I want for an hour and then try and put them down at the end.

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