Slightly Peckish Tuesday

19 October, 2010

Yup, hunger strikes once again. Well, it’s a perpetual thing at chasing bawa. So check what I’ve been eating for lunch at Umamimart: Slightly Peckish!

I’m still on a high after meeting China Miéville and can’t wait to read Kraken! I also went to Michael Wood’s talk, Journey to South India: A Window on the Last Classical Civilisation, for the DSC South Asian Literature Festival yesterday at the British Library. I wasn’t able to make it to most of their other talks as I’ve been busy, and frankly rather knackered (I think it’s the change in season, always knocks my energy levels). However, Michael Wood’s enthusiasm for India is really infectious and he was such a lovely speaker and I now want to read about the history of South India and the Tamils. I bought my parents Wood’s BBC documentary The Story of India which was beautiful and so interesting. He divided the series into thematic episodes which really worked. Have you seen it?

You can also find an interview with one of my favourite Sri Lankan authors, Romesh Gunasekara here. He’s doing a fiction writing workshop at the British Library on October 23rd as part of the DSC South Asian Literature Festival. I went to one of his workshops at the Galle Literary Festival a few years ago and it was brilliant.

I also went to the UFC expo (that’s Ultimate Fighting Champion expo for those who aren’t into all that kick-boxing) with my family (we do some cool stuff, dontcha think?) and was pretty impressed with how low-key and civilised all these muscly tattooed men were, queueing up for autographs, etc. Reminded me of book fairs (me) and bellydance haflas (my sis). I guess all geekiness is the same;) At least we got to meet B.J. Penn’s mum! Score! And we met a half-Sri Lankan fighter called Dean Amarsinger. Anyway, my two brothers-in-law and nephews were SO excited, it was unreal.

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