Hello Japan! November – Five Questions (a Japan meme)

17 November, 2010

I’ve been a big fan of In Spring It Is The Dawn’s Hello Japan! mini-challenges although I haven’t been participating as often as I like recently (bad me!) This month’s challenge is to answer five questions about all things Japanese, so check it aht!

My favourite Japanese store is Matsumoto Kiyoshi or Matsukiyo because it has the largest range of cosmetics and toiletries at very decent prices and you can spend a whole day there. Make sure you check it out if you visit Japan as many of the stores also have customer service people who speak English! And you’ll spot them a mile away because of their garish yellow and black signboards. My next favourite place to while away a few hours is any Japanese convenience store or combini. Love them.

The best Japanese book I’ve read this year is The Samurai by Shusaku Endo.

What Japanese author(s) or book(s) have you enjoyed that you would highly recommend to others?

Yukan Club by Yukari Ichijo is a manga like no other. It has everything in it: romance, the supernatural, mystery and sports and you learn so much about history, mythology and culture in Japan (and other countries too). Plus the illustrations are GORGEOUS.

What is something Japanese that you’d like to try but haven’t yet had the chance?

I would love to try shojin ryori, the cuisine of the monks perfected by classically trained Japanese cooks. It’s all vegetarian but in a way you’ve never seen before. Here’s an example from NYC.

You’re planning to visit Japan next year. Money is not a concern. What is on the top of your list of things you most want to do?

Go to a renowned onsen and sit in a rotenburo (that is outside) while it’s snowing. No monkeys, of course. Visit Okinawa as my mama says it’s beautiful. And to go to Kagoshima and research my grandfather’s family history.

Bonus question: What was your favourite Hello Japan! mini-challenge topic?

My favourite topic was the one with food!

What topic would you like to see as a Hello Japan! mini-challenge in 2011?

I wouldn’t mind a topic asking us to talk about our favourite characters in a book/film/manga. That would be fun!

What about you?

10 Responses to “Hello Japan! November – Five Questions (a Japan meme)”

  1. Sasa Says:

    Nice to hear a bit more about you ^_^ I love roten too, I miss the conviviality of bathing together.

  2. Colleen Says:

    Aaaaah, you’ve made me want to read Yukan Club but I can’t find it translated into English!!

  3. jane Says:

    Ooh, that food you have linked to looks absolutely amazing!! I am always a bit saddened by the fact that so much Japanese food contains fish based ingredients, which I don’t eat, so I must try this when i can! This post also reminds me that I know so little about Japanese literature except for the Murakami novels I have read and loved so much, so I must try more. I do have a copy of the Book of Tea on my TBR pile which i can’t wait to read!

  4. Mystica Says:

    When I visit Japan and I have to, even one city would do, I am coming to you for a tutorial on what to do, see and most importantly read and eat!

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  6. Novroz Says:

    Thank you for letting me know about that manga, I love Manga and mystery is always been my fav genre. I’ll try looking for it here.

    Your idea of next hello japan is really interesting, I like it.
    My idea was Dorama, tho I’m not sure many people watch dorama

  7. Bellezza Says:

    A cosmetic store?! Are you kidding me?! I’d love that place, second in my list of favorite stores only to bookstores. I wish I could go…

  8. chasing bawa Says:

    Sasa: I haven’t been to an onsen for years so I think I’m gonna be a bit shy:)

    Colleen: That’s the only problem. I tried to find it in English too but no luck. Maybe one day, because it is brilliant. If I do find it I will let you know!

    Jane: Fish stock is the base for most Japanese cooking. However, sometimes they use kelp. The Book of Tea has been rattling around in my consciousness for years but I still haven’t read it;P

    Mystica: Definitely! And most of my friends in Japan are all gourmands so I’ll have loads of restaurant suggestions for you!

    Novroz: Do try and look for it. And I think the dorama idea is great too. I was thinking about it but opted for favourite characters;)

    Bellezza: It’s total heaven!

  9. gnoegnoe Says:

    It could have been ME opening this post:
    I’ve been a big fan of In Spring It Is The Dawn’s Hello Japan! mini-challenges although I haven’t been participating as often as I like recently (bad me!) !

    I vowed to participate in each and every one but life got the better of me and I dropped out somewhere around the Summer Double / Manga missions (whichever one came first).

    Can I come shop at those Japanese convenience stores with you? You could be my guide! LOL

    The food challenge was one of my favs too! But that’s no surprise, is it? You peckish grrl! ;P

  10. tanabata Says:

    Yukan Club sounds really good. I’m with Colleen in wishing it were available in English. And I’d love to go to Okinawa too. Some day…
    Thanks for joining in this month. 🙂

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