Japan: some more ways you can help

17 March, 2011

I wrote a short paragraph about how you can all help with donations here. I have also donated to all three fund-raising sites and hope you will give as much as you can. I have put a British Red Cross button in the side bar to make things a little easier.

I just wanted to add Chika‘s post which might entice you to give a little more. You’ll be eligible to win a set of gorgeous sakura cooking ingredients. How can you resist, right?

Please also check out the various events organised by Umamimart and its writers if you are in the US.

You can also find comprehensive information in posts byAki and Makiko so please check them.

Places to donate:

she who eats
British Red Cross
American Red Cross
Australian Red Cross
Doctors Without Borders

Although everyone I care about and love are safe and sound in Japan, there have been non-stop aftershocks and another big earthquake near Tokyo and my heart goes out to the displaced and bereaved who also have to contend with fuel and food shortages, snow and adverse weather conditions and the unpredictability of the nuclear plant situation. It’s been heartening to see how many people have been trying to find ways to help in various blogs and on twitter. So please give generously.

3 Responses to “Japan: some more ways you can help”

  1. I was in Japan in 2006. Its not like SL. Very commercialized no? But still the people are really nice and humble. Wish the tsunami didn’t hit them.

  2. […] two weeks after the earthquake and tsunami. I’ve posted about different ways of helping here but have one more to add, especially if you love books and […]

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