Scene of the Blog at Kittling: Books

8 June, 2011

is where I’m at today. I’m always a little curious about other people’s reading and blogging habits and environment so Scene of the Blog on Cathy’s lovely blog, Kittling: Books, is a real curiosity quencher. So check me out! And do make sure you have a nosey around to see where other people read and blog too. Ciao!

5 Responses to “Scene of the Blog at Kittling: Books”

  1. kimbofo Says:

    I’m impressed you can read on the bus! I get car sick — I can’t even read a map, so am hopeless at navigating if the Other Half is driving! I think that’s probably why I prefer train travel; I have no problem reading on trains!

  2. sakura Says:

    And planes! I can’t actually read in cars but buses are fine. Can get lots of reading done!

  3. Mae Says:

    I LOVE these sort of things! I’m pretty nosey and similar to gawking at people’s books and shelves, I love looking at their study area too!

    I love those artwork in the background. Did you do them?

    And I want one of those Little Prince plates!!!!

    • sakura Says:

      I was checking out the plates for my friends’ kids and ended up getting it for myself, haha.

      And no, the pics in the background are by proper artists! If only!

  4. Cathy Says:

    Thank you so much for being such a wonderful guest!

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