Wikio ranking sneak peek: July 2011

4 July, 2011

Although I try and stay unbothered about rankings etc. (mainly because I’m never there), it’s kind of nice once in a while to indulge, no?

Check this out and nice to see lots of familiar names in the Wikio literary blog ranking. Do go and check them out!

1 tales from the village
2 Charlie’s Diary
3 Stuck In A Book
4 Making it up
5 Playing by the book
6 Asylum
7 Reading Matters
8 Farm Lane Books Blog» Farm Lane Books Blog
9 An Awfully Big Blog Adventure
10 Savidge Reads
11 The Book Smugglers
12 Cornflower
13 Book Chick City
14 Lizzy’s Literary Life
15 My Favourite Books
17 Harriet Devine’s Blog
18 Juxtabook
19 Vulpes Libris
20 chasing bawa

Ranking made by Wikio

16 Responses to “Wikio ranking sneak peek: July 2011”

  1. Mystica Says:

    So glad you have come into the listing!

  2. Harriet Says:

    Happy to see you in there! But Wikio has some weird critera for “literary” blogs — I just checked out numbers 1, 2 and 4 and they are definitely NOT in that category. This happened before with Wikio and they apologised and said they’d tighten up the criteria but looks like they’ve slipped again. So really you (and I) should be higher up this list, though I haven’t checked out all the ones I didn’t recognise.

    • sakura Says:

      I’m never sure how they calculate rankings although I think it’s to do with how many people link to you (?) But I can’t seem to access links to my blog on wordpress so I have no idea (I think I clicked on something, oops). But it’s good to see blogs I know on the lists:)

    • Simon T Says:

      Oo, if no.1 and 2 shouldn’t be there, that makes me no.1 😉
      Lovely to see you (back?) on the list, Sakura x

  3. Fëanor Says:

    Congrats, I say. Is this a listing of British blogs?

  4. Bellezza Says:

    Oh, I love how you’re there! Wonderful job, congratulations!!

  5. winstonsdad Says:

    well done Sakura ,I m not posting enough or popular enough to reach the top 20 ,all the best stu

    • sakura Says:

      Thanks Stu:) You have a wonderful blog you should be proud of! Keep up the good work.

    • savidgereads Says:

      Sakura, lovely to see you on the list!

      Stu, its not about how popular you are or how many posts you put up. Its done one some random calculation which averages out hits over link backs and all sorts.

      I was once at number three… when I now get twice the hits I did then. Its a bit of fun at the end of the day. I use it to spot new blogs I would miss, I don’t care what number I am lol.

      • sakura Says:

        Very true. I try not to get into the whole popularity/numbers thing because blogging is something which is fun and makes me happy and I don’t want it to stress me out. But acknowledgement is kinda nice:) Although I really don’t know how they calculate the numbers.

  6. Violet Says:

    Good to see your lovely blog being recognised in the rankings. Go, you! 🙂

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