Slightly Peckish Tuesday

11 October, 2011

This week I’m doing a little stroll down from my house and sampling some local delights in…Archway, North London. Check what’s hot at Umamimart: Slightly Peckish!

In bookish news I’ll be catching Anne Rice at a signing at Foyles this Saturday. Yes, you heard me, Anne Rice will be in London! It’s been almost 15 years since I went to a signing by her at Murder One on Charing Cross Rd as a student. To me, Anne Rice will always be the original Southern gothic writer with her books on the vampire Lestat and co. of which The Queen of the Damned is my favourite.

And Terry Pratchett’s latest foray into the Discworld, Snuff, will be published this week and I’m happy to say it will feature the City Watch, my favourite Discworld characters. And did I mention I’m going to see him talk too? So much for having a quiet October, huh?

6 Responses to “Slightly Peckish Tuesday”

  1. Sasha Says:

    Anne Rice was such a big part of my childhood, I followed her from her vampires to Memnoch and to the witches and especially that lovely, lovely saga, The Witching Hour. [I was disappointed, though, with her foray into angels, sigh.] I’m so excited for you!

    • sakura Says:

      Hello! The Witching Hour is still my favourite out of all of Rice’s novels. I too started reading her books at school and I think me and my friends are still a little in love with them even though it’s been so many years. I was planning to get a copy of her first book on angels so I’m disappointed to see you didn’t like it. But I may still get it anyway. ;P

      • Sasha Says:

        I may have refrained earlier from mentioning that I even, um, dipped into the trilogy she wrote as A.N. Roquelaure [I am on the look-out for a box set, to fulfill the dream of the decade, haha].

        Hm. I think my main beef with Angel Time[?] was that I was looking forward to her return to all the brooding, romantic, nearly-distraught characters, but but but. Ugh. I hope you like it, though, because if you do, it’s highly possible that I’ll pick it up again, haha. I am impressionable that way! 😉

        • sakura Says:

          Haha, I’ve got one of her Sleeping Beauty books although it was a little too S&M for me. Never managed to read the rest although I wouldn’t mind. She’s an interesting one though.

          I’m beginning to see your problem with Angel Time. It’s not really the same as the first three vampire books or the The Witching Hour, is it? But I’ll soldier on and see!

  2. winstonsdad Says:

    I caught rice on book show she was a really interesting guest talking about her life ,all the best stu

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