Slightly Peckish Tuesday

8 November, 2011

is here again and I’m hungry. Check out one of my favourite noodles at Umamimart: Slightly Peckish. You know you want to!

In bookish news, did you know Persephone Books made an appearance in the tv ‘reality’ show Made in Chelsea? There was no sign of them actually reading the books, but still, it was nice to see them touching the dove grey covers.

And my sister informed me that they were filming The Only Way is Essex in her neighbour’s house all the way up in Crouch End, north London. Yeah, that’s really Essex. So now you know my guilty tv addictions. They’re so bad but I can’t get enough of them!

And I’ve been thinking about getting The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins to read over Christmas. Because I should really read the books before the film comes out, right? Right??

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