Heartless by Gail Carriger

6 September, 2012

I totally forgot that I hadn’t posted about this book until I started writing my post for the next one. Bad me. So although it’s been a while, I’ll try and succinctly put together some thoughts for the fourth book in the Parasol Protectorate series by Gail Carriger, Heartless. As per my usual stance, I strongly advise that y’all read this series in order like the good people you are and start with Soulless.

Ok, so in Heartless, set a few months after Changeless, Alexia Tarrabotti is now heavily pregnant and has to protect Queen Victoria herself after receiving a dire warning from a ghost. But Alexia also has to fend of attacks by the Westminster Hive who are naturally fearful of the impending birth and she soon realises that someone close to her also has designs on her life.

With all the changes that happened previously and with a new and reluctant cub to instruct, Alexia has her hands full. And on top of that, there is an infestation of deadly mechanical creatures to contend with. As Alexia seeks refuge in Lord Akeldama’s 2nd best closet, we finally begin to learn about her husband Conall’s past and even get an insight into Alexia’s father, that elusive preternatural, Alessandro Tarabotti.

One of the things I enjoyed most about this novel is seeing the change in Biffy, Lord Akeldama’s toyboy, who plays a big part in this novel. Poignant in some parts but he’s quickly become one of my favourite characters, especially since he become’s Alexia’s dresser. I also enjoyed meeting the Woolsey pack again as well as the usual supporting characters including the still mysterious Madame Lefoux and Felicity, Alexia’s obnoxious half-sister who has suddenly discovered the suffragettes’ cause and has been exiled to live with Alexia.

Although this isn’t my favourite book in the series as it felt a little more subdued, the ending more than makes up for it as it sets you up for the last book, Timeless. In fact, you just can’t wait for it.

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6 Responses to “Heartless by Gail Carriger”

  1. Love Gail’s books. I still haven’t finished the series

  2. The first one was great fun, and I am definitely going to read more.

  3. Chinoiseries Says:

    I abandoned Soulless fairly quickly, although I had hoped to see something in it that many others had seen. Out of curiousity: is Alexia’s character further developed or fleshed out after the first book?

    • sakura Says:

      Alexia stays pretty much the same throughout the books. But I don’t think they are spread out over that much time. I see them as something similar to manga, very visual with lots of action. Good, escapist fun. Sorry it isn’t you cup of tea:(

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