Some plans for 2013

2 January, 2013

Hello and a happy new year, everyone!

So, made plans for the new year yet? Last year I chose not to participate too much in challenges just because I was feeling a bit too restricted in my reading and I’m just not one for being tied down (crazy, I know, since all the books I plan to read are ones I actually do want to read). But I’ve been seeing loads of blogs posting about challenges they are looking forward to and I’m tempted. SO tempted.

So I’ve pencilled in a number that I’m interested in:

Bellezza‘s Japanese Literature Challenge and Carl‘s Once Upon a Time and R.I.P. Challenges are no brainers.

Double dog dare

Then there’s C.B.’s TBR Double Dog Dare which I think I really need to do. I know a number of you out there do this every year and I think I want to join you as my TBR has spiralled out of control. I bought two new bookshelves (OK, they were small ones) and they didn’t help de-clutter my room at all. Sadface. Four months is pretty long though so let’s see how this will pan out.

LAR Button Final

This ties in nicely with Ana and IrisLong-Awaited Reads Month. Do you have books that you’ve been meaning to get to for a while but still haven’t touched? Then this one is for you.

January in Japan

Tony is also doing a January in Japan during which I hope to read Shusaku Endo’s Silence (finally!) I had been meaning to read more Japanese fiction but have, alas, been distracted by other books.


And Iris and Amy are planning a year long readalong of Tolstoy’s War and Peace. I’ve been meaning to read this for the last few years and it’s been sitting on my bedside table looking at me accusingly. So maybe 2013 will be the year I actually get to grips with it? One can only hope!

But I’m going to keep it short and sweet again this year and allow myself the luxury of meandering through my books and reading a little more whimsically.

What about you? Any big reading plans?

16 Responses to “Some plans for 2013”

  1. Carl V. Says:

    Those are some fun looking challenges. Love the banner for the Double Dog Dare one. Very fun!

    Glad you will be participating in OUaT and RIP and the Japanese Lit Challenge. 🙂

    I’m going to be participating in the Women in Genre Fiction Reading Challenge (which I posted about this morning). It is a year long and looks like it will be a lot of fun, especially as I’ll be reading several authors that I have not read before.

    • sakura Says:

      Ooh, the Women in Genre Fiction Reading Challenge sounds interesting. I’ll be checking up on your posts for inspiration:) And I’m looking forward to OUaT and RIP as I always do each year!

  2. Hi Sakura, thanks for the War and Peace readalong heads-up; I’m totally gonna do it! About time I finished it as I’ve been a little way through the same copy for about 5 years now 🙂

  3. Chinoiseries Says:

    Heh, this year it’s me taking a break from challenges. Or, at least it’s one of my resolutions 😉 The challenges you’ve picked sound like fun though (and I’ve been wanting to join Bellezza’s challenge for ages)! Need to plod through 1Q84 first before moving on to War and Peace :s

  4. That looks like a lot of fun to me. I will be taking the path of least resistance and whittling down the TBR pile as part of the Double Dog Dare. This now yearly exercise really helps me with my book acquisitive nature. 🙂 Happy reading!

  5. Alex in Leeds Says:

    I have a stack of reading themes/trends (a couple of authors I want to seek out more, some old favourites I want to re-read and review on the blog etc) but the only real challenges I’ve joined are Simon’s Century of Books and Tony’s January in Japan. I tend to like the reading months and longterm stuff better because there’s more conversation round them. The Double Dog challenge looks fun though!

  6. winstonsdad Says:

    some great plans I m join in on tony japan month myself ,all the best stu

  7. Good luck with all your challenges, and Happy New Year! 🙂

  8. sakura Says:

    Thank you Marie and happy new year!

  9. Iris Says:

    So happy that you will be joining in both the read along and long-awaited reads month! (and I’m so sorry for waiting so long to respond to the link back!)

  10. Nish Says:

    Those reading challenges sound fun. Good luck with them and Happy (if belated) 2013! And maybe, I”ll join the War and Peace readalong as well, but I have my doubts. It’s been sitting on my shelf for so many years now and I don’t know if I am ever going to finish the book. I have started and stopped so many times…

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