Slightly Peckish Tuesday

19 March, 2013

I delve into the London Ramen Wars again with a review of Tonkotsu in Soho. Have I converted you into a noodle slurper yet? Check me out at Umamimart: Slightly Peckish!

In bookish news, I recently acquired the following books. It’s been a while since I’ve done a drool worthy post which doesn’t mean that I haven’t been buying books. If only I had some self control. Le sigh.

These were kindly sent to me by publishers or bought by me:

Books March 1

These are from the library plus 2 Japanese manga:

Books March 2

And this one I liberated from my sister’s house to re-read:

Books March 3

I’ve also been reading a couple of books set in New York because I will be flying out to the Big Apple in a couple of days with my sister to see my friends and experience what to many is their favourite American city. I’ve finished Patrick McGrath’s Ghost Town and am now reading Jonathan Safran Foer’s Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close both of which were recommended on Kim’s blog. No doubt I will find some books when I get there. I’m planning on visiting The Strand Bookshop and, because I’m half-Japanese, Kinokuniya (who can resist?) Any other recs?

8 Responses to “Slightly Peckish Tuesday”

  1. Plenty to choose from, have a wonderful visit to the Big Apple! Look forward to hearing about it, can’t say I’ve ever read about visiting bookshops in NY!

  2. Shweta Says:

    Have fun in New York! Tell us all about Strand on your return.

    On your books I would say, What a haul! I am reading Angelopolis currently but my feelings aren’t as strong as I had for Angelology. WOuld love to hear about it when you have finished reading it. I see you have Yoko Ogawa’s Revenge. I am eyeing that one since long.

  3. Tamara Says:

    Hey – enjoy NY! it is one of my favs too, but so far away… I’m a little green 🙂 I just loved visiting central park in the snow, and being envoleoped in the history of Ellis Island. Let us know what else you find.

  4. sakura Says:

    Thanks for you comments! Will write a post about NY soonish!

  5. winstonsdad Says:

    look forward to your thoughts on Revenge that has been one of my books of the year so far ,all the best stu

  6. itoeri Says:

    lovely pile of books : )
    i’ve just ordered the new book by haruki murakami “色彩を持たない多崎つくると、彼の巡礼の年” (!?) which is coming out mid april, coetzee’s new “the childhood of jesus” and paul auster’s “the new york trilogy”…
    wonder what your “japanese women by japanese women” is like…

    • sakura Says:

      I still haven’t finished 1Q84 – gah! Wonder what the new Murakami will be like. I read Auster’s New York Trilogy years ago and loved it although I can’t remember much of it. I read the Japanese Women collection several years ago and remember it being rather shocking and dark (maybe that was the trend then) so want to revisit it. Hope you are genki!

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