Japanese Literature Challenge 7

4 July, 2013

Jap Lit 7

has started already. Go and check out Bellezza‘s wonderful review site with lots of reading suggestions.

This year I’m going to keep it simple. I’m aiming to finish Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84 which I rushed out to buy when it first came out in hardback way back in 2010 and from which I quickly got distracted when carrying the behemoth tome around on my commute got painful. Should have really waited until the paperbacks were out but hey, you know me, no self control when it comes to new books.

I also purchased a copy of Jacob Ritari’s Taroko Gorge when I visited New York’s Strand Bookstore in spring and although Ritari is American, it’s all about Japanese high school kids on a school trip to Taiwan. Bellezza’s reading it too so I’m going to jump on the wagon.

I’m also tempted to try Ryu Murakami’s From the Fatherland, With Love about Japan in a dystopian present under attack from North Korea. Sounds fascinating, no?

And I might throw in another Shusaku Endo, possibly Scandal, a Yasunari Kawabata and a Yukio Mishima if I can stay focused. Fingers crossed, eh?

What about you? Will you be joining us during the next 6 months in reading some Japanese literature books?

6 Responses to “Japanese Literature Challenge 7”

  1. booketta Says:

    I have read the Wind Up Bird Chronicle which was a bit strange but I would read more by Haruki Murakami.

    • sakura Says:

      That and Norwegian Wood are still my favourites closely followed by Kafka on the Shore. Yes, and they are all a little strange.

  2. Bee Says:

    Ooooh, Taroko Gorge sounds intriguing, and I am going to get myself a copy of the book. I loved 1Q84! I hope you finish the book soon. 🙂

  3. Bellezza Says:

    I can understand abandoning 1Q84 for its heaviness. I read it on my nook because it was much lighter. Still, it is not my favorite Murakami. Looking forward to other reads with you!

  4. gaskella Says:

    Probably – as one of our book group is going to Japan in a couple of months, so we said we’d choose a Japanese novel for October.

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