The Smoke is Rising by Mahesh Rao in Shiny New Books!

7 April, 2014


Shiny New Books!, a quarterly online literary magazine edited by four wonderful bloggers, Annabel, Harriet, Simon T and Victoria, is launching its inaugural issue today! It’s packed full of bookish information and reviews including fiction, non-fiction, re-prints and book buzz, so do make sure you take a gander.

And in the first issue, you will find my review of Mahesh Rao’s beautiful The Smoke is Rising which has just been published by Daunt Books so do check it out!

Smoke is Rising

One Response to “The Smoke is Rising by Mahesh Rao in Shiny New Books!”

  1. drharrietd Says:

    And a jolly good review it is too — thanks for contributing!

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