Slightly Peckish Saturday: Vegetarian Temple Food and Claypot Rice (HK)

3 May, 2014

Umami Mart

I’m writing about vegetarian temple food and claypot rice in Hong Kong this week so do head over to Umami Mart: Slightly Peckish to check me out!

In bookish news, I’m still pondering upon the brilliant but perplexing The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton which I finished last week and have started two very different books, The Quick by Lauren Owen and Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, finally and after being hassled by all my friends.

I also went to two bookish events. The first was the book launch of Clare McGowan’s The Dead Ground which was held at the wonderful Goldsboro Books. I haven’t read the series but it looks very interesting. The second event was Less Than Three, an evening of readings presented by 3:AM Press and the Quietus at The Hospital Club, of which I will write in more detail later. Suffice it to say it was very inspiring to be amongst so many talented people.

7 Responses to “Slightly Peckish Saturday: Vegetarian Temple Food and Claypot Rice (HK)”

  1. eriko Says:

    The food looks amazing! I am reading Minae Mizumura. I wanted to read something a bit more classic after 1Q84 and chose her before going back to real classic ; ) Her ‘A True Novel’ has been translated in English.

    • sakura Says:

      Omg, that is on my wish list! Did you re-read Wuthering Heights beforehand? It’s based on it, right?

      • eriko Says:

        Is it? ; )) I’m only half way through, waiting for my ordered 2nd vol to arrive, but it’s so gripping. I didn’t re-read wuthering heights… She explains in the beginning how she got to know this man in the States briefly as a little girl and how someone else happened to tell her about his real life in Japan later. She thought that it’s like a jp version of wuthering heights and re-tells it. It depicts the lives of the rich, the new rich and the ordinary or poor in Japan after WWII so well. While I’m waiting for the 2nd vol, I’ve started reading ‘Tokyo Year Zero’ by David Peace. His style to describe Tokyo from the moment of losing WWII is just amazing.

  2. itoeri Says:

    i’m totally shattered and in awe after ‘tokyo year zero’… found n read your brilliant review on the two of the trilogy in your archive back in 2011!!

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