Slightly Peckish Saturday: Tim’s Kitchen (HK)

17 May, 2014

Umami Mart

Another Michelin-starred stop during my short trip to Hong Kong last year. Are you surprised at how much we ate? But believe me, it wasn’t a chore and we hardly put on any weight. Check me out at Umami Mart: Slightly Peckish!

In bookish news, I’ve just finished reading the very addictive The Quick by Lauren Owen which seems to herald a revival of all things literary gothic. I approve. I’m now ensconced in all things Marguerite Duras with The North China Lover, another study of her adolescent love affair that played such a big part in her life, and Outside: Selected Writings, a selection of her reportage pieces, in anticipation of the Institut Français’ event about her work and life. And I’ve also started Eimear McBride’s A Girl is a Half-formed Thing for my book group which is very different from anything I’ve read before. I’m not sure how I’ll get on.

And, I squealed when I received this in the post. I cannot wait to read the final volume in Deborah Harkness’s All Souls Trilogy, The Book of Life!

Book of Life wine

4 Responses to “Slightly Peckish Saturday: Tim’s Kitchen (HK)”

  1. I loved The Quick – a nice bit of gothic with a satisfyingly chilling ending.

  2. eriko Says:

    glad that you came up with m.d. both ‘the north china lover’ and ‘outside’ are on my wish list now. i’ve realized how little i knew abt her other many works than ‘the lover’. i’m intrigued that she wrote both ‘the lover’ and ‘the north china lover’ in her v late years! i’ve just ordered ‘writing’ and ‘the war: a memoir’ by her.
    i’m reading ‘HHhH’ by laurent binet at the moment.

    • sakura Says:

      I really want to read ‘Writing’ as I heard some excerpts from it. Duras is such a fascinating figure. There’s a film called The Sea Wall based on one of her novels about her mother which looks interesting as well. I’ve also got HHhH on my kindle – I’ve been wanting to read that for SO long.

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