Giveaway winner: Yoko Ogawa bundle

3 July, 2014

Revenge 2

To celebrate the paperback publication of Revenge by Yoko Ogawa, Vintage Books has kindly handed over a bundle of books by Ogawa to give away to a lucky winner.

The winner of this wonderful prize is MEE!


Congratulations and please e-mail me your address whereupon I will fly to the post office and send off the bundle. Enjoy the books!

Thank you all for kindly commenting and RTing about the giveaway. I’m a little surprised that not more of you commented for the books but I do realise that the giveaway was only open to UK readers (sorry!) and perhaps many of you have already read Ogawa’s novels? I do hope that you will all give Yoko Ogawa’s books a try if you haven’t already – Ogawa certainly writes about contemporary Japan in an interesting way.

Revenge by Yoko Ogawa is published in paperback on 3 July (Vintage, £7.99). To coincide with the paperback release of Revenge, Vintage will be reissuing The Diving Pool, The Housekeeper and the Professor and Hotel Iris in paperback.

One Response to “Giveaway winner: Yoko Ogawa bundle”

  1. mee Says:

    Thanks again Sakura, and Vintage for the books! 🙂 I have no excuse now, and must read at least one soon.

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