I’m not here today

15 April, 2010

but I am here guest-posting on Aarti’s blog Booklust for her series With Reverent Hands which highlights books that may not normally be in the spotlight.

Aarti is one of the hosts (together with Care and Eva) of the incredible Women Unbound Challenge where we get to explore through books what it means to be a woman living in the 21st century and what we can learn from those who have struggled to find a place in this world before us. I really enjoy reading Aarti’s posts which always give me a lot to think about. So check it out!

Currently I’m in the middle of To Live and To Write: Selections by Japanese Women Writers 1913-1938 edited by Yukiko Tanaka which I’m reading for the Women Unbound Challenge which is a collection of biographies and short stories by Japanese women in the early 20th century. It’s proving to be a very thought-provoking and inspiring read.