Slightly Peckish Tuesday

26 February, 2013

If you live in London, you can’t ignore the number of ramen bars that have sprung up this past year. It’s one of my favourite Japanese noodles and I dive into the London ramen wars this week at Umami Mart: Slightly Peckish. Check me out!

Sometimes we need days when we give our brains a rest, right? Or more truthfully, I need a few more days to finish a book、write my review, have a snooze. I often read a book a week but sometimes it takes longer. In fact, most weekends I don’t even open a book as I’m busy doing other things. What about you?

I’m currently pondering buying a kindle. I already have a Sony e-reader which I forget to use and I can’t be bothered with having to connect it to my laptop to download books. But being able to buy books directly onto your device is so tempting. It’s a question of space, you see. I’m overwhelmed with the number of books I own and although I’m trying to read through my TBR, it’s gonna take some time. What? Just stop buying books until you’ve read and given some away, I hear you say. It doesn’t work that way. Buying books goes a lot deeper than just wanting to read it. It feeds into this primal need of wanting to possess. Sometimes I don’t even understand myself why I need that book so much, but I just do. But kindle owners, do you get overwhelmed with your digital libraries too?

Talking about book storage, how do you store yours?

And currently there is a tv series airing in Japan called Biblia Koshodo no Jiken Techou about a secondhand bookshop owner who solves mysteries with a literary twist. Each episode focuses on one book, from Natsume Soseki to Anthony Burgess. It’s a light, gentle series but provides a great insight into popular literature in Japan.

8 Responses to “Slightly Peckish Tuesday”

  1. TracyK Says:

    I have too many books. I keep too many books that I may never read again. So does my husband. We have bookcases in every room (except the kitchen). We will give books room over most other things. And we have a very small house. I am ashamed to say I have boxes of TBR books in the garage. But I did not find that getting the Kindle helped. We probably have buying eBooks under control more because we love the look and feel of books. So I am no help.

  2. I’m grateful for the kindle, knowing I am not a re-reader it really does make sense to read more books on the kindle, I don’t like to accumulate than the shelves I already have so I give away or donate books to our local English library.

    Now I have folders on my kindle, I can sample a book before purchasing it, receive ARC’s easily, I love to browse in bookshops and I still love to read a physical book, but I’m over the need to physically possess them or if I do, to retain them, they are to be read not hoarded – I want others to discover their joys, so love passing a great book on.

    • sakura Says:

      I do give away a lot of my books once I’ve read them although I keep the ones I want to re-read or absolutely loved and can’t live without. Looks like you’ve got your book buying under control!

  3. Marie Says:

    It’s strange isn’t it, the compulsion to add to the TBR even when the rational part of your brain knows that you can never get through books at the rate you acquire them. I have borrowed an old Kindle from my parents who’ve recently updated to Kindle Fires but am yet to be convinced. If anything, I think an e-reader would make my TBR spiral even further out of control because the books wouldn’t be taking up an actual physical presence in my home.

    • sakura Says:

      Hahaha, that’s what I’m worried about, especially since it’s so easy to buy new titles with just one click! I just get tired of having to lug around heavy books on my commute and having to choose what I read according to size…

  4. Shweta Says:

    Kindle has brought down the number of physical books I used to lug around but I do not get the fulfilling sense which comes from holding the actual book while reading. I use Kindle for commute and its useful to buy books which might take a real long time to be available in India so that way its good.

    I still buy equal number of books in print as I buy on Kindle 🙂

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