The titles of the books are in alphabetical order unless they are a part of a series in which case they will be listed in reading order.

Aaronovitch, Ben – Rivers of London
Airth, Rennie – River of Darkness
Akunin, Boris – Special Assignments: The Further Adventures of Erast Fandorin
Akunin, Boris – The State Counsellar
Akunin, Boris – The Coronation
Akunin, Boris – She Lover of Death
Akunin, Boris – He Lover of Death
Algren, Nelson – A Walk on the Wild Side
Allison, Dorothy – Bastard Out of Carolina
Anam, Tahmima – A Golden Age
Anam, Tahmima – The Good Muslim
Anonymous – A Woman in Berlin
Ardizzone, Sarah & Mathias Melzieu – The Boy with the Cuckoo Clock Heart
Armstrong, Karen – A Short History of Myth
Atkinson, Kate – Started Early, Took My Dog
Atwood, Margaret – The Penelopiad
Aw, Tash – Map of the Invisible World

Badaude – London Walks!
Bakker, Berbrand – The Twin
Bakker, R. Scott – The Darkness That Comes Before
Bakker, R. Scott – The Warrior-Prophet
Ball, Jesse – The Curfew
Barbal, Maria – Stone in a Landslide
Barbery, Muriel – The Gourmet
Barbery, Muriel – The Elegance of the Hedgehog
Batuman, Elif – The Possessed
Beauman, Nicola – A Very Great Profession: The Woman’s Novel 1914-1939
Bell, Alex – The Ninth Circle
Birkegaard, Mikkel – The Library of Shadows
Bodard, Aliette de – Servant of the Underworld
Bodard, Aliette de – The House of Shattered Wings
Bolger, Dermot – The Journey Home
Bourland, Fabrice – The Baker Street Phantom
Bowen, Rhys – Her Royal Spyness
Bradbury, Ray – Fahrenheit 451
Bradley, Alan – The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie
Bradley, Alan – The Weed That Strings the Hangman’s Bag
Bradley, Alan – A Red Herring without Mustard
Bradley, Alan – I Am Half-Sick of Shadows
Bradley, Alan – Speaking from Among the Bones
Bradley, Alan – The Dead in their Vaulted Arches
Bradley, Alan – As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust
Bulgakov, Mikhail – The Master and Margarita
Burdett, John – Bangkok Eight and Bangkok Tattoo
Burnett, Frances Hodgson – The Making of a Marchioness

Calvino, Italo – If On A Winter’s Night A Traveller
Cameron, Kenneth – The Frightened Man
Carriger, Gail – Soulless
Carriger, Gail – Changeless
Carriger, Gail – Blameless
Carriger, Gail – Heartless
Carriger, Gail – Timeless
Carter, M.J. – The Strangler Vine
Cashore, Kristin – Graceling
Cashore, Kristin – Fire
Cashore, Kristin – Bitterblue
Chevalier, Tracy – The Last Runaway
Child, Lincoln & Douglas Preston – Cemetery Dance
Child, Lincoln & Douglas Preston – Fever Dream
Child, Lincoln & Douglas Preston – Cold Vengeance
Child, Lincoln & Douglas Preston – Two Graves
Child, Lincoln & Douglas Preston – Fever Dream
Christie, Agatha – Elephants Can Remember
Coake, Christopher – You Came Back
Cocteau, Jean – Paris Album 1900-1914
Colitto, Alfredo – Inquisition
Collins, Suzanne – The Hunger Games trilogy
Comyns, Barbara – Who was Changed and Who was Dead
Cox, Michael – The Meaning of Night
Cox, Michael – The Glass of Time

Dahlquist, G.W. – The Dark Volume
Dahlquist, G.W. – The Chemickal Marriage
Davis, Lindsey – Nemesis
Davis, Lindsey – The Ides of April
Davis, Lindsey – Enemies at Home
Davis, Lindsey – Deadly Election
Davis, Lindsey – Master and God
de Kretser, Michelle – The Lost Dog
de Silva, Nihal – The Road from Elephant Pass
de Waal, Edmund – The Hare with Amber Eyes
Delany, Samuel R. – Babel-17
Delius, Friedrich Christian – Portrait of the Mother as a Young Woman
Dexter, Colin – Last Bus to Woodstock
Djoumahna, Khajira – The Tribal Bible
du Maurier, Daphne – Don’t Look Now and Other Stories
Duncan, Glen – The Last Werewolf
Duncan, Glen – Talulla Rising
Dunmore, Helen – The Greatcoat
Dunthorne, Joe – Submarine

Eames, Andrea – The White Shadow
Endo, Shusaku – The Samurai
Endo, Shusaku – Silence
Endo, Shusaku – The Volcano
Erikson, Steven – Gardens of the Moon
Erikson, Steven – Deadhouse Gates
Erikson, Steven – Memories of Ice
Erikson, Steven – House of Chains
Erikson, Steven – Midnight Tides
Erikson, Steven – The Bonehunters
Erikson, Steven – Reaper’s Gale
Erikson, Steven – Toll the Hounds
Erikson, Steven – Dust of Dreams
Erikson, Steven – The Crippled God
Erikson, Steven – Forge of Darkness
Esslemont, Ian C. – Night of Knives
Esslemont, Ian C. – Return of the Crimson Guard
Esslemont, Ian C. – Stonewielder
Esslemont, Ian C. – Orb Sceptre Throne
Esslemont, Ian C. – Blood and Bone
Eugenides, Jeffrey – Middlesex

Faber, Michel – Under the Skin
Ferrey, Ashok – Serendipity
Ferris, Joshua – Then We Came To The End
Fforde, Jasper – Shades of Grey
Fitzgerald, Zelda – Save Me The Waltz
Foster, Alicia – Warpaint
Fowler, Christopher – Bryant & May on the Loose
Fowler, Christopher – Bryant & May Off The Rails
Fowler, Christopher – Bryant & May and the Memory of Blood
French, Tana – The Likeness

Gale, Patrick – A Perfectly Good Man
Ganeshananthan, V.V. – Love Marriage
Garner, Helen – Monkey Grip
Gatiss, Mark – The Devil in Amber
Gatiss, Mark – Black Butterfly
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von – Elective Affinities
Goodwin, Jason – An Evil Eye
Granville, Eliza – Gretel and the Dark
Greene, Brian – The Elegant Universe
Gregory, Susanna – A Vein of Deceit
Gregory, Susanna – The Killer of Pilgrims
Gregory, Susanna – Mystery in the Minster
Gregory, Susanna – Murder by the Book
Gruen, Sara – Water for Elephants
Gunesekera, Romesh – The Prisoner of Paradise

Hannah, Sophie – The Monogram Murders
Harkness, Deborah – A Discovery of Witches
Harkness, Deborah – Shadow of Night
Harris, Charlaine – Dead Until Dark
Harris, Jane – The Observations
Hemingway, Ernest – A Moveable Feast
Herbert, James – Ash
Higashino, Keigo – The Devotion of Suspect X
Higashino, Keigo – Salvation of a Saint
Hill, Joe – Heart-Shaped Box
Hill, Susan – The Risk of Darkness and The Vows of Silence
Hill, Susan – The Shadows in the Street
Hill, Susan – The Small Hand
Hill, Susan – The Woman in Black
Hussein, Ameena (Ed.) – Blue: Stories for Adults
Hotschnig, Alois – Maybe This Time
Hussein, Ameena – The Moon in the Water
Hussein, Asiff – Zeylanica

Ibsen, Henrik – A Doll’s House
Ishiguro, Kazuo – A Pale View of Hills
Ivey, Eowyn – The Snow Child

Jackson, Shirley – We Have Always Lived in the Castle
James, P.D. – Talking About Detective Fiction
Jenkins, Robin – The Changeling

Karunatilaka, Shehan – Chinaman
Kawakami, Hiromi – Strange Weather in Tokyo
Kent, Jasper – Twelve
Keun, Irmgard – After Midnight
Kingsolver, Barbara – The Poisonwood Bible
Kirino, Natsuo – Grotesque
Krauss, Nicole – Great House

L’Engle, Madeleine – A Wrinkle in Time
Lahiri, Jhumpa – Interpreter of Maladies
Larsson, Stieg – The Girl Who Played with Fire
Larsson, Stieg – The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest
Laurain, Antoine – The President’s Hat
Le, Nam – The Boat
Lessing, Doris – The Grass is Singing
Link, Kelly – Pretty Monsters
Lynch, Scott – The Republic of Thieves

Magrs, Paul – Never the Bride
Malzieu, Mathias & Sarah Ardizzone – The Boy with the Cuckoo Clock Heart
Mandel, Emily St. John – Station Eleven
Mantel, Hilary – Wolf Hall
Mantel, Hilary – Bring Up The Bodies
Martin, George R.R. – A Game of Thrones
Mason, Zachary – The Lost Books of the Odyssey
McBride, Eimear – A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing
McGowan, Kathleen – The Book of Love
McGrath, Patrick – Ghost Town
Miéville, China – The City & The City
Miéville, China – Kraken
Miller, Madeline – The Song of Achilles
Mishima, Yukio – Spring Snow
Mitchell, David – The Bone Clocks
Mittelmark, Howard & Sandra Newman – Read This Next
Mo Yan – Big Breasts and Wide Hips
Mockett, Marie Mutsuki – Picking Bones From Ash
Morgenstern, Erin – The Night Circus
Morris, R.N. – A Gentle Axe
Mostert, Natasha – The Season of the Witch
Murakami, Haruki – 1Q84
Murakami, Haruki – After Dark
Murakami, Haruki – Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage (Guest Review)
Murakami, Haruki – Hear the Wind Sing
Murakami, Haruki – Kafka on the Shore
Murakami, Haruki – Pinball, 1973

Nakamura, Fuminori – The Thief
Nakamura, Fuminori – Evil and the Mask
Newman, Sandra & Howard Mittelmark – Read This Next
Ng, Celeste – Everything I Never Told You
Ngugi, Mukoma Wa – Nairobi Heat
Nicholson, Virginia – Millions Like Us: Women’s Lives in the Second World War
Nothomb, Amélie – Fear and Trembling
Novik, Naomi – Uprooted

Ogawa, Ito – The Restaurant of Love Regained
Ogawa, Yoko – The Housekeeper and The Professor
Ogawa, Yoko – Revenge
O’Hara, John – BUtterfield 8
Olesha, Yuri – The Three Fat Men
Olmi, Véronique – Beside the Sea
O’Malley, Daniel – The Rook
Otsuka, Julie – The Buddha in the Attic
Owen, Lauren – The Quick

Palacio, R.J. – Wonder
Palma, Felix – The Map of Time
Panter-Downes, Mollie – Good Evening, Mrs. Craven: The Wartime Stories of Mollie Panter-Downes
Panter-Downes, Mollie – Minnie’s Room
Parot, Jean-François – The Châtelet Apprentice
Parris, S.J. – Heresy
Pattison, Eliot – Blood of the Oak
Paver, Michelle – Dark Matter: A Ghost Story
Peace, David – Occupied City
Penny, Louise – Still Life
Peters, Elizabeth – A River in the Sky
Portis, Charles – True Grit
Prantera, Amanda – Mohawk’s Brood
Pratchett, Terry – Nation
Pratchett, Terry – I Shall Wear Midnight
Pratchett, Terry – Unseen Academicals
Pratchett, Terry – Snuff
Preston, Douglas & Lincoln Child – Cemetery Dance
Preston, Douglas & Lincoln Child – Fever Dream
Preston, Douglas & Lincoln Child – Cold Vengeance
Preston, Douglas & Lincoln Child – Two Graves
Pugh, Martin – We Danced All Night: A Social History of Britain Between the Wars
Pullman, Philip – The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ


Raisin, Ross – God’s Own Country
Rao, Mahesh – The Smoke is Rising
Raybourn, Deanna – The Dead Travel Fast
Raybourn, Deanna – Silent on the Moor
Rhys, Jean – Wide Sargasso Sea
Rice, Anne – Angel Time
Rice, Anne – Prince Lestat
Rickards, Susannah – Hot Kitchen Snow
Ripley, Mike – Mr. Campion’s Farewell
Ritari, Jacob – Taroko Gorge
Roberts, David – A Grave Man
Robertson, Imogen – Instruments of Darkness
Robertson, Imogen – Anatomy of Murder
Robertson, Imogen – Island of Bones
Robertson, Imogen – Circle of Shadows
Robertson, Imogen – Theft of Life
Rossiter, Joanna – The Sea Change
Russell, Karen – Swamplandia!

Samaraweera, Darryl – Vicky Had One Eye Open
Sansom, C.J. – Heartstone
Sawyer, Robert J. – Hominids
Selvadurai, Shyam – Cinnamon Gardens
Setiawan, Erick – Of Bees and Mist
Setterfield, Diane – Bellman & Black
Shkliar, Vasyl – Raven
Shukla, Nikesh – Coconut Unlimited
Shute, Nevil – On the Beach
Simenon, Georges – Maigret
Sington, Philip – The Einstein Girl
Philip Sington – The Valley of Unknowing
Skene, Anthony – Monsieur Zenith the Albino
Smith, Tom Rob – Child 44
Smith, Tom Rob – The Secret Speech
Smith, Tom Rob – Agent 6
Smith, Zadie – NW
Strachey, Julia – Cheerful Weather for the Wedding
Summerscale, Kate – The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher
Swerling, Beverly – Bristol House
Syjuco, Miguel – Ilustrado
Szerb, Antal – Journey by Moonlight

Tabucchi, Antonio – Pereira Maintains
Tan, Twan Eng – The Garden of the Evening Mists
Tan, Twan Eng – The Gift of Rain
Tanaka, Yukiko (Ed.) – To Live and to Write: Selections by Japanese Women Writers 1913-1938
Tanizaki, Junichiro – The Makioka Sisters
Tanizaki, Junichiro – Naomi
Taylor, D.J. – At the Chime of a City Clock
Taylor, Laini – Daughter of Smoke and Bone
Taylor, Laini – Days of Blood and Starlight
Tearne, Roma – Mosquito
Tearne, Roma – The Swimmer
Teulé, Jean – The Suicide Shop
Thomas, Scarlett – Our Tragic Universe
Todd, Charles – A Test of Wills
Tolkien, J.R.R. – The Hobbit
Trussoni, Danielle – Angelology
Trussoni, Danielle – Angelopolis
Turner, Mary – The Women’s Century

Upson, Nicola – Angel with Two Faces

Vargas, Fred – The Chalk Circle Man
Vargas, Fred – Seeking Whom He May Devour

Walsh, Joanna – Hauptbahnhof
Waters, Sarah – Affinity
Waters, Sarah – The Little Stranger
Waters, Sarah – The Night Watch
Willig, Lauren – The Secret History of the Pink Carnation
Willis, Connie – Doomsday Book
Willis, Connie – To Say Nothing of the Dog
Willis, Connie – Blackout and All Clear
Winterson, Jeanette – Weight
Wolf, Jack – The Tale of Raw Head and Bloody Bones
Wood, James – How Fiction Works
Woolf, Virginia – A Room of One’s Own


Yamazaki, Mari – Thermae Romae I-III

Zambra, Alejandro – The Private Lives of Trees
Zeh, Juli – Dark Matter

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